Firm Overview

Global Options Income Generation

  • We seek to deliver compelling returns through selling time and volatility premiums and capturing spreads.
  • Our deep analysis identifies hedged macro and micro opportunities.

Mathematical Foundation, Balanced Fundamental Approach

  • Based on mathematical principles of Combinatorics, Markov Processes, and Waves.
  • Continually updating and refining our applied mathematics principles.
  • Ability to successfully navigate varying market environs and apply experiences

Streamlined Process for Risk Management Directives and Controls

  • Internal mandates on diversification and risk-adjusted net exposure.
  • PM with experience in academic and applied derivative investing and risk management.

Investment Team

  Matthew Fried – Matthew has several years experience in derivative trading for private individuals. He is a professor of mathematics at Lander College. Areas of interest include finite and stochastic optimization, combinatorial analysis, and matrix algebra. Matthew’s financial focus is in options, data-mining, and Markov chains. He holds a BA in Political Science / Psychology from Touro College; and an MA in Applied Mathematics from Queens College. He has spent several years abroad and has first-hand knowledge of many burgeoning global markets and varying macro perspectives.

David Tchatchanachvili – David has several years of expertise in risk management and risk mitigation. Areas of knowledge include financial risk transfer and diversification of risk exposure. He has served as President and CEO of two different risk management companies as well as being a senior partner in business management company. He holds a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy from Baruch College and a Bachelors in Talmudic Law from RSA. His various intimate global contacts allow him to asses international economic mood and outlook, with its effects on the local and international markets.




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